“Do You Even Like to Run??”

 So yeah…. a 1/2 Marathon…. somebody better call my Employee Assistance Program. What am I thinking?? When the thought first crossed my mind, and I asked my wife Joy what she thought her response was, “Do you even like to run?” My response was there is pretty much only one way to find out. Just do it (I will be sending the royalty check to that famous shoe company forthwith).

Have I ever really run before…. no…. am I in any particular shape to run a 1/2 marathon… nope. I guess the inspiration is the need to get my 38-year-old butt off the couch, set the beer down (ouch!) and do something to help me avoid keeling over sooner than I would prefer. That and a great article I saw in “The Tennessean.”

It appears there is this store in Brentwood (Fleet Feet – check them out they’re on the net) that sponsors training programs. They also do a weekly run that starts and ends at a bar (if you haven’t noticed yet… I like me some beer). In addition there was a story about Joe and his 60-something mother who started with their program a little over a year or so ago, and are now training for the Disney Marathon (maybe the 1/2…. sorry I’m not positive there). Joe was a self-proclaimed non-runner (more or less) and has since completed 4 or so 1/2 marathons and lost 50 or so pounds.

I attended Fleet Feet’s meeting (after a little reconnaissance the week before to make sure I wouldn’t be the only tubby guy there), and immediately liked the staff. I also realized (as I suspected) that I needed some good running shoes and more polyester/synthetic clothing than I have ever owned since my parents made me were it somewhere around the ’70’s (Which I did not suspect. Oh, and I think they get past the bad ’70’s vibe by calling it “Tech Gear” or something similar). I also met Joe in person, found out he lives in my town, and may have a great connection to keep me going. I’m sure I will have more on him in the future. I hope he doesn’t mind.

On the flip side of the considerate athletes I met a fleet feet, was the cool guy I heard at the local rec center when I decided try out my new kicks. (Seeing as it is cold   and I do not yet have the appropriate clothing I thought I would take the old treadmill for a spin). You know the type…. “Mr. Urrrrrugghhhhhhh, huhhh, urrrrrrhhhgghhhh. I can bench more than you, and get more chicks too… Blechh. Likely a relatively new friend Pamela saw me staring at the machines (I think I was hoping to gain fitness through osmosis) and got me going on an elliptical.

I felt pretty good. Oh yeah, 2 miles on the elliptical in 30 minutes! Look out Mr. Universe!

The next day….. the treadmill was open…. Have you ever felt your shins go numb??? Strange feeling. Still no pain and I got my couple miles in with a combination of jogging and walking. I now know my shoes will not turn my feet into a resemblance of  some sort of old Chinese binding custom. And, more importantly…. I believe I can make it 2-4 miles with some combination of running and walking. Just what I need for the first training meeting on January 9th.

So, join me if you would like on this journey. One so far outside my typical comfort zone I felt I needed to document it. I am sure I will have a lot of tongue in cheek on here. In spite of that please believe me when I say that I take this seriously. I could be lifestyle altering for the better (and for my own personal health and how it affects the quality of time with my family, also for the better).

The humor is just my own way of telling my fears to get the hell out. I can do this whether you like it or not.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Don’t forget to stretch… before AND after.

  2. You go, Jack. You might just inspire me to get off my a$$.

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