I Need Band Aids for What?!?!

So, I’m tossing a few drinks back preparing to ring in the New Year with some folks when my good friend Tony (who is traveling from Pennsylvania to Nashville to also do the race – can you say AWESOME!) drops the bomb. We’re talking about the race and he says something to the extent of “better stock up on Band Aids.”

“Oh, yeah” I say, “for those nasty blisters I might get on my heels, right?”

“No,” he says “for your nipples.”

Say what?!? Apparently the repetitive motion on the old man nips can cause chaffing that can lead to bleeding.

Now you may have caught on that I am a little new to this whole running thing, but hemorrhaging male mammaries was not something I really thought of when starting on this quest for….. well…. awesomeness (awesome, the word of the day). I am not quite sure what will be worse if this happens. The fact that my nips are actually bleeding (not something I can honestly say I have experienced before), or the joy of removing the Band Aid from my luxurious, manly chest hair. You know – the kind of chest hair that leading ladies love to run their fingers through in PG-13 love scenes.

But I digress….

I have synthetic shirts now in inventory and this should hopefully help avoid this uncomfortable situation. I also have the synthetic briefs to match. I don’t even what to THINK about that kind of chaffing in that particular area.

On another note, I have decided to go full disclosure and track one more thing in front of the entire world. I now way 225 pounds. It was bad enough before, but thank you Christmas cookies, cocktails, and Pork and Sauerkraut (it’s a PA Dutch New Years thing). Lets see where this goes. Hopefully down.

So, here we go Week 1 of training. Two 2-mile days on my own and a 4-mile group run on Saturday. First run/walk tomorrow. Let the fun begin.

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  1. Yeah, talk to Brady about the nipple chaffing. He’s been there done that many times. I know they sell nipple guards (I think that is what they are called) at Fleet Feet and other similar stores.

    Sorry, but I can’t feel sorry for you men in this area. Women go through way worse. A little pain, suffering and blood is good for ya!

    • A “nipple guard.” I keep learning new things with this everyday! (a good thing…. I think…)

      And as far as what you women go through, just remember that us menwe have to…. well there’s those times… uhhhh… ok got me there. 🙂

  2. hmmm… I thought I subscribed to your updates, but didn’t get a message this time. Anyway… Good luck today! Curious to hear how it goes. I ran 2 mi yesterday on the ‘mill. It wasn’t horrible. Wings and beer tomorrow night possibly, which means I’ll have to get up early to go to the gym if I’m going to run. Ugh!


  3. Well, well, well! Welcome to the darkside. Nothing like jumping right in! At least it also pressured your boy Tony into doing it as well! (The same guy who was never going to run a race let alone RUN!)
    About the nipple’s. OUCH! Nothing like having a blood stain and it not coming from something manly like a stab wound! But if (when) they do open up, they are super sensitive! (tell Joy, no teeth!)
    Well good luck. I am sure it will be interesting reading your progress!
    PS. Band aids are cheaper than nipple guards!

    • Hey Roger, good to hear from you! I will be sure to let Joy know.
      I thought Tony was crazy with his 5k’s, not I’m jumping in feet first.
      Come on down to help cheer us on (or join us)! We’ll celebrate with some beer and BBQ. The next day of course. And assuming I am alive….

  4. Well I will say, you two have inspired me (us) to sign up for a half ……just closer to home! (end of March)
    And don’t believe them when they tell you it will get easier ….they are lying! lol

    Good Luck!

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