14 Degrees

No that is not the new Nick Lachey band (only 84 degrees cooler). That was the actual temperature when I stepped out for my first outdoor run around the neighborhood this morning. And yes, I still need a dose of professional help with my mental wellbeing.

I pushed on (after going back in and getting a taboo cotton sweatshirt – over the appropriate tech gear) through cold and the cold air induced, now dripping nose. Who new running could be so glamorous?

Two laps through the neighborhood and I was done. My pre-determined 2 mile course, meeting one of my 2-mile requirements before the “big run” on Saturday morning. For one mile I was pretty good with my 2 minutes jogging and 2 minutes walking. Mile two, well things slowed a bit. Based on the sounds my breathing was starting to make I slowed to 1 minute jogging and 3 walking. I didn’t want to die on my first day outside, how un-cool would that be?? (That and I didn’t want anyone calling the Spring Hill Police about the panting perv in front of their house.

So, two miles done and no injuries. An accomplishment all on its own, if I do say so myself. Just some mildly sore ankles as a result.

Next run day, Thursday. Just in time for the Winter Weather Advisory day. Hmmm. I wonder if they let you cross-country ski this thing??

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  1. Running in the cold makes a huge difference. At least for me it did. My breathing was much more labored and it felt like I wasn’t drawing in enough oxygen. The more you do it, your breathing will become more regular. Great job! All in all it sounds like a good first day!

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