Ever Heard of a Salt Truck??

That’s what I want to ask the City of Spring Hill and governments of Maury and Williamson counties, Tennessee. You see folks, there is this strange reaction when you salt (or even pre-salt) a marginally icy road…. ta-dah… no more ice. Especially when there was only maybe a 1/4 inch of snow to begin with.

So, schools are closed. And the crummy weather we did get, forced my scheduled run indoors. Other than the woman at the front desk trying to give me someone elses car keys when I returned my locker key, not to bad of an experience. No grunting he-men this time (just a bunch of kids off school… but don’t get me started. Oh, wait… I already did).

So I finished my 2 mile requirement for the day in the warmth of the Longview Rec Center, the glow of the muted television flashing clips of Donovan McNabb (note to my dear wife – they play at 7:00 Central Time on Saturday) the Alabama game –  Go Tide! – (Hey, I need to work with those people), and within view of some guy running wearing some kind of slipper-like running shoe. Something else new I am sure I will learn about before to long.

Have a good night everyone, keep warm, and send positive thoughts that the -5 windchill warning will be long gone by Saturday morning.

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