The Big Day

Well, tomorrow is the big day. Ok, the first of several big days in this adventure. Sort of a “mini-big” day if you will. I guess in the land of fast food this would be a “large” day (remember it once was “medium?”). Super-sizing is reserved for the actual race day. Understand what I’m saying here? No? Me neither, I sorta lost myself there (but suddenly have a hankering for french fries for some reason….)

Tomorrow is the first group run day with the Fleet Feet training group. Now, I was already a little anxious about this event. An important, and tiring, step on my road to the 1/2 marathon. Add on top of that – snow, most likely wind, and a forecast somewhere around 15 degrees at 7:oo in the morning and I am somewhere short of downright dread.

I will do this though. I will get up, put what running type clothes I have available on – and yes the forbidden fabric cotton (gasp) will come into play with my sweatshirt – and do this thing.

Please someone send a search crew if no one has heard from me by tomorrow night. I am either lying somewhere glazed over in a frozen pool of my own sweat, or I am writhing in pain from having had my sacagaweas frozen off.

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  1. I hope you’re on your run as I type this and not just falling down into that “pool”! You can do it Jackson… the other runners in the the group will help to encourage you and may even help with some adrenaline to push you through too. Good luck dude! Press on!

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