Week 1 – You Are Mine!

One week down, and I am still alive!

The alarm went off at 5:50am (on a Saturday? Ugh.) And I got myself ready to go. I must thank the Ford Motor Company for the inclusion of the remote starter feature in my car. It was parked outside. In 16 degrees (at that time). And it was snowing.

But this story’s hero pushed on. After a banana (and some other morning functions we wont go into detail about…) I was on my way.

I was actually surprised at the number of people who attended in spite of the weather. I picked the 2/2 interval group (2 minutes running / 2 minutes walking), signed in, and got my shoe tag. A shoe tag is apparently sort of like a toe tag for runners. I guess if I did collapse or was found whimpering on the side of the road they wanted to be able to reach my next of kin. Can’t have my body cluttering the streets of Brentwood. What would Martina think? (That’s Martina McBride for you non-local or non-country folks. In case you didn’t hear, there are a few of those type of singers in the Nashville area….)

So we got underway. A few hills, some snowy roads, and the occasional brushing of flurries out of my eyes. I think I actually saw a bird glance at me from the comfort of his warm nest with a sort of “crazy human” look in his eyes.

I am really quite surprised and happy with how I did. Four miles and  the discomfort I felt this past Tuesday was not there. I think it really did help doing this with  a group. I wont say it was over before I knew it, because it was a bit of a challenge for this body that is normally warming my bed or putting a butt shaped indentation in my couch at that time of day on a Saturday.

Regarding the other folks involved in the program. I had heard how friendly and supportive runners can be, and this group did not do anything to counter that. A lot of very friendly people. I think that helped as well.

So on we go to week two. Training this week is one 3 mile run/walk and one 2 mile run/walk. Group run is 5 miles next Saturday. Onward and upward I go.

One last thing. I’M ALIVE! I know I mentioned that at the start of this post, but as I’m sure there were some who would have questioned that after this morning, myself included, I thought it deserved repeating.

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