A Letter to my Left Knee

Dear Left Knee,

Thank you very much for 38 or so years of dedicated service. Even when I went on vacation you were there, doing that thing you do between the upper and lower portions of my left leg.

I know as a young boy I fell off my bike once or twice and most likely skinned you. You shook that off as Mr. Skin’s problem, and kept right on working.

Now I know we have not spoken in directly in some time, and I am truly sorry. Even though people might look at a 38-year-old man talking to his left knee a little funny I should not have snubbed you.

And I know when Brain and I spoke about starting this running program we did not consult you directly. Again I am sorry for he snub.

But really the pain you are giving me today is not necessary. A simple “Hey! Down here!” would have sufficed. You have made your point. I can not easily walk around the house right now, let alone go running.

Please stop hurting. I was actually starting to enjoy this and the new people we were meeting (didn’t you see all those other knees at Tin Roof 2 last night?).

Thank you Left Knee for all you have done over the past 38 years. I promise not to forget you again.



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  1. My right knee was the culprit when starting training last summer for my first 5k. Two weeks into it and I started getting shooting pain every time my foot would impact the pavement. I bought a knee brace, which helped… a little, but I ended up taking the next week off from running letting it recover. Since then I don’t take stretching for granted anymore and do it both before and after a run… religiously. Thankfully that has done the trick for me. I hope you fair as easily.

    Good luck dude!

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