So this is what Bursitis feels like…..

It can now go away. I mean right now.

So per my slightly schizophrenic letter to my left knee, I had some pain the other day and trouble standing on it. Today, there is still some discomfort so when I saw that Fleet Feet was having their monthly free health screenings I decided to go.

Lucky for me the 4:30 appointment was a no-show, so I slipped right into that spot. I was able to meet both with a Doctor certified in Sports Medicine, and a Physical Therapist. For free. Thank you again Fleet Feet folks.

After some bending and pushing, it was determined that it seems I have Bursitis in my left knee. The prescription – take some time off, elevate the leg, ice it, and two Aleve in the morning and two in the evening. The Therapist checked things out and apparently my hip flexors need some loosening up and my back likes to arch when laying down. Some some good stretches were recommended as well.

So it looks like the elliptical/stationary bike for me for a bit and a need to “listen to the pain.” Depending how my knee feels I may try to make the group event on Saturday, but mostly walking. We will see…..

I really hope that I can get back on track with some degree of running by next weeks group run. I have to tell you…. I’m really bummed. Interesting from a guy who, not to long ago, thought running was what you did to the store when it was snowing to make sure you could get your milk and bread.

For now it is off to the couch…. Aleve popped, ice pack to be applied, and some “Wheel of Fortune” to watch….. Isn’t that what us old folks with Bursitis in our knee do??

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  1. Hey there running-buddy… hope your knee is healing well and you’re back out on the trail again soon! 5 miles for me this weekend. It’s to be 20 degrees on Sat… I think I’ll stay inside and do it on the treadmill… ugh

    • Well, had anotehr appointment with a doctor, gave me some meds and told me to rest it another 10 days…… Ughhhh, I can feel any momentum I had going vanishing from my body and spirit. I am not happy about it…..

  2. Wow… I take it the pain is not going away quickly? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got all but three months left until race day. You’ll be back with plenty of time to train and build up your endurance! Even if you can’t run with the local group, maybe you could at least meet up with them for that beer afterward to help keep that energy level high! The goal is finishing this race; not winning it. 🙂

    • Well, the “pain” is pretty much gone. Now it is a discomfort of sorts that has me nervous to push things too much.

      Feels more like a pressure behind my knee. A little hard to describe.

      I am hoping to maybe get with the group and walk on Saturday. Most likely with a knee brace. We shall see…. and if I do make it whether I can do 6 miles or not.

      I think the medicine has helped some, but still not gone.

      Of course any attempt to get out hinge on seeing if my long drive to Atlanta tomorrow adds to the problem, or if we have more ice on Friday – Saturday (the forecast doesn’t look great).

  3. How are things going with your knee? I hope the bursitis is gone and you don’t have any more pain/pressure. I know it’s been about 18 days since this happened to you, and I was just wondering if you’ve been able to walk or run still. Do they think that it’s because of your back arching when you lay down that messed up your knee? I didn’t realize that your running group increases by a mile every week. My goodness, I wouldn’t be able to do even two miles. Well, maybe, if I had your drive and desire to make this happen. I am so proud of you for your determination. Just be really really careful… and don’t strain yourself when it gets better by trying to play catch up.

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