Sooooo…. yeah…. It’s been awhile.

You see, my running has helped me move into such an extreme form of masculine manliness and physical physique (Yeah, I know those are words that mean basically the same thing. My blog. Deal with it.) that I was called upon by a secret department of the United States Intelligence Community to travel, undercover to….

Ok, I got a boo-boo and had to stop running for a bit….. then I became a blog slacker.

But I’m back! (insert thunderous applause)

It seems I was sidelined by either Bursitis or Tendonitis. The doctor said it could really be either (I call it ouchie in my knee.) A couple meds to get the swelling down and ta-da! Back on the course.

My first week back with the official running group was on a course that started at Grassland Park (in the Franklin, TN area) moved through a bit of a residential neighborhood, and then on to some pretty typical country roads. You know the type. Horse farms and the smell of…. well…. horses. Wooden fence lines. Cracking, uneven roads that may not have been paved since the Nixon administration (i don’t know…. Nixon came to mind first…. please don’t analyze that…). Old trees that may have seen some side action of the Civil War Battle of Nashville. Allan Jackson’s estate Sweetbriar.

Whoa, what? Yep Allan Jackson’s estate. For you out-of-town folks remember this is NASHVILLE. ” Music City.” If you would like I hear it is on sale for a measly $38 million…… I hear there may be an air strip out back.

Back to the run – Not to bad for my first time back. I initially decided to take it easy and join the walkers. Well, lets just say some of those fine folks practice the art of speed walking. When the 3/1 running group caught up to me (walkers started early that day) I thought I would join them. Why not I was pretty much running with those “walkers” anyway. It went well. At the water stop, Joe (I believe I mentioned him in an earlier post) and the rest of the group carried on a bit to round out the mileage. I turned around and started walking back. When they caught up on the return I joined them in some intervals again.

We have had a couple runs since, including one that covered a portion of the actual Music City 1/2 Marathon. That was nice. WHo would have ever thought I would do 8 miles. Not me.

Last week was a “rest” week, with this little hill. By little I mean we ran for a good 8 minutes straight down it….. and then baaaaaack up. Ughhhh. Nice rest. Thanks Fleet Feet….  😉 But it was a great accomplishment, and a nice run around Radnor Lake. If you are in the area and have not been there I recommend it. When things start to bloom soon I think it will be beautiful.

This upcoming Saturday. 10 miles. Now I know I discussed how manly I am at the opening of this blog…. but 10 miles? I think I may have wee-wee’d a bit in my running shorts. It’s ok I have another pair……

This to shall be overcome. Through willpower, my increasing ability to actually do some of this, and the assistance of Jelly Belly Brand Sports Beans (Jelly Belly – I will take endorsement money. Just sayin’.).

Anyway, on to another week. I am sure I missed many points (including the encouragement of my new friend Joe and our short runs we have done in Spring Hill). I hope I can get back at this a bit more, and thank you so much to the folks who let me know they actually read my dribble. That’s some encouragement to keep going right there as well.

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  1. Just want to tell you that I am VERY proud of you for perservering through your injury and getting back to the business of training. And I’m glad you are blogging again…..I love reading your words and I think others do too. 10 miles on Sat? JUST DO IT!

  2. Yay, you’re back! Brady and I both always enjoy the read and keeping up with your training. 10 miles already??? You are doing great! Way to go!

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